Tour Content

Tour Content is customizable for groups depending on interest.

Tours tend to be 2-4 hours and can be structured with post-tour discussion or classroom conversation if requested. stops tend to include information about:

  • Native American/Indigenous Histories and Displacement in Chicago

  • Hyde Park/Kenwood neighborhood history (Columbian Exposition) institutions, and formation

  • Red Summer of 1919 and segregation/integration on Chicago's South side

  • Japanese American incarceration (48th and Ellis) and resettlement in HP/K post-war

  • Japanese American exclusion from UChicago campus

  • Nation of Islam (Farrakhan, Muhammad, Ali, Malcolm X) Move to Kenwood

  • Relationships of Black Muslim and Jewish communities (incl. KAM Isaiah Israel history) in Kenwood

  • Obama House, legacy at UChicago, and Trauma Center Advocacy Campaign

  • #CareNotCops and UCPD history of violence against community and shooting of UC student

  • Contemporary debates on policing/public safety and displacement/gentrification in Hyde Park

  • UChicago legacies of nuclear weapon development and commemoration

Tours can be customized to include or emphasize different information related to the various experiences of communities of color in our neighborhood and city's history. Please email me directly at to schedule or join our email list for upcoming tour dates.